The Canadian Music Centre, in collaboration with the Canadian League of Composers, is pleased to announce Rivers (re-imagined): a monthly series of presentations and hands-on professional development workshops for composers.

These will be in-person events at the Canadian Music Centre’s Performance Space in Toronto, and they will be available for online streaming to ensure access for composers right across the country. Topics will include: grants, funding, and project management; contracts and licensing agreements; publicity and marketing; music technology; music education, and others.

The workshops will provide concrete guidance and clear, hands-on training for common professional scenarios encountered by the membership of both organizations, and they will be free to both Associate Composers of the CMC, as well as members of the CLC.


Our first presentation/workshop will take place on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, at 5:30. Members of ContaQt New Music will discuss and demonstrate the aesthetic and technical elements of online rehearsal and collaboration.

Like many ensembles at the onset of the initial pandemic lockdowns, ContaQt was faced with discovering new ways to musically engage with each other and audiences. Led by the research and experimentation of Jerry Pergolesi and Andrew Noseworthy, and with technological facilitation by Jeff Morton, we developed a means to play together in real-time from our isolated locations using a combination of digital audio workstations and the audio transmitter plugin, AudioMovers’ ListenTo.

Through this process, we became more integrated as a performing group than ever before and extended our artistic practice in ways that benefited our expanding repertoire which includes music by Brian Eno, original compositions, and improvisations. This music also embraces and engages with latency that is inherent to the internet. This workshop will demonstrate the potential for this performance practice and the possibilities for collaboration using this high-fidelity means of audio transmission.

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