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710 2019

Earmark / Lieke van der Voort

By |7 October 2019|Categories: Earmark, News, Ontario, Region|

In this edition of the earmark series, we hear from composer Lieke van der Voort on home made radio programs, the identities and possibilities of composition, and exploring dreams for artistic inspiration. CMC: What got you excited about music at a young age? Lieke van der Voort: I remember my father playing Paradise by The [...]

3009 2019

Earmark / Howard Alexander

By |30 September 2019|Categories: Earmark, Ontario, Region|

In this Earmark installment, we hear from composer Howard Alexander about the audible and inaudible influences on one's music, life-affirming moments as a listener, and the bucolic settings that can inspire. CMC: What got you excited about music at a young age? Howard Alexander: Both my parents were music teachers, so beginning piano at age [...]

2309 2019

Earmark / James Lowrie

By |23 September 2019|Categories: Earmark, News, Ontario, Region|

Earmark is a series of interviews with the artists who have recently joined the CMC as Associate Composers. In this installment, we hear from James Lowrie about the comedy scene in London (Ontario), staying ambitious with your music, and instinctive reactions to Ryan Gosling. CMC: What got you excited about music at a young age? [...]

1609 2019

Postlude With Liam Ritz

By |16 September 2019|Categories: News, Ontario|

By Matthew Fava This past year, CMC Ontario was able to work with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra on the first edition of their Composer Fellowship Program. Composer Liam Ritz was selected for the role, spending several months writing a new work while also being embedded in various aspects of the orchestras operations—from artist talks to [...]

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