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Joseph Glaser
Joseph GlaserOntario Director
As both a composer and arts administrator Joseph’s interest lies in making Canadian contemporary music broadly accessible to the public. Joseph grew up in Montréal. He moved to Toronto and then to Vancouver to do his undergrad in Music Composition at UBC, where he studied with well-known CMC Associate Composers such as Dorothy Chang, Morlock, Keith Hamel, and Stephen Chatman. He returned to Montréal where he did his Masters degree in Music Composition at McGill University, studying with CMC Associate Composer Jean Lesage. He moved to Toronto in 2019 and joined CMC Canada, eventually becoming the Coordinator of Music Services and Events. He was a production manager for a young artist program with the Vancouver International Song Institute (now the Art Song Lab) that was focussed on opera artists and pianists. He has been a board member of McGill Association of Students Composers, Codes d’accès and Contemporary Music Lab.

Joseph’s compositional work addresses the performer’s body as an intrinsic part of the compositional process creating works that are as much about the actions required to play them as they are about sound. This involves cross disciplinary collaborations with dancers, poets, theatre artists, and illustrators, creating works that exist between the boundaries of these genres.