The Ontario Regional office of the Canadian Music Centre has been advancing the mission of the CMC in the province for more than 30 years. We are one part of an extensive community of artists and organizations that connects audiences and learners with contemporary music and composers.

The Beckwith Award recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary contributions of Ontario-based organizations towards this shared mission.

Scope & Eligibility | Several awards are given out each year. Recipients can include ensembles, festivals, music series, education programs, and educators, among others. Recipients will have an established record of valuing and contributing to contemporary music-making across Ontario.

Selection Process | Recipients of the Beckwith Award are determined through consultation with the CMC Ontario Regional Council, a volunteer-driven advisory council with membership from different parts of the province that is active in a variety of musical contexts.

Recipients are profiled through the CMC Ontario site, CMC social media, and general media outreach. CMC Ontario provides a framed certificate, and coordinates a public presentation in collaboration with the recipient.

Profile picture of John Beckwith. Credit: André Leduc

About John Beckwith | As a composer, educator, writer, and administrator, John Beckwith has played a singular role in Canadian music. Born in 1927, Beckwith pursued his interest in music from a young age. He became part of the University of Toronto faculty of music in 1952, would ser