Media Production Residency | 2021 Call For Applications

The Ontario Region of the Canadian Music Centre invites individuals to apply for the 2021 Media Production Residency. The residency program encourages engagement with the CMC library and archival collection, the history/future of the CMC itself, as well as broader themes in contemporary art making in order to produce meaningful content. The residency program allows us to uncover the stories behind a variety of compositions, explore themes such as migration or environmental justice, discuss the technologies and techniques that shape contemporary music and sound, and more.

We encourage the participant’s curiosity, experiences, and analysis to shape the program and content. Past residency participants have produced articles, infographics, interviews, podcasts, posters, video, and exhibits of archival material in order to reflect on the work of contemporary composers and sound artists.

Deadline for applications: February 8, 2021 11:59pm EDT (the online submission form will close at this time)

  • The program is open to Ontario-based individuals
  • We encourage applications from artists and individuals without formal training in music and sound
  • Past participants of the Media Production Residency (previously called the CMC Ontario library residency program) are not eligible for this initiative

More details on the structure and scope of the program:

  • One participant will be selected for the 2021 program.
  • The selected participant will receive a $500 honorarium.
  • The selected participant will produce a short series (3-4 instalments) to be released during 2021 in their specified medium/format. Depending on the scope of the proposed project, the number of instalments can be modified.
  • The residency participant will engage with different artists and pieces from the CMC collection, although the CMC collection does not have to be the sole focus of the residency.
  • For the 2021 program we are emphasizing digital content that can be hosted on the CMC site. The participant can also make use of CMC social media (sharing on, or customizing content for, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). While the CMC would host the series initially, we encourage the residency participant to repurpose and repost their work at their discretion.

CMC Ontario staff work collaboratively with the residency participant to realize their objectives for the program. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Determining a project timeline that best supports the participants mode of working.
  • Facilitating introductions with artists and community members
  • Coordinating access to production equipment and other resources where possible
  • Digitizing and sharing CMC archival materials to allow for remote engagement with our collection. Depending on prevailing health precautions, CMC staff may work to facilitate in-person access to our collection.
  • Bio, resume, or CV (PDF)
  • Short proposal outlining what you would like to produce as part of the residency.
    • We encourage proposing specific topics, artists, and formats that you might explore in your work. The selected participant would be permitted to develop and change these ideas during the residency process.
    • We also encourage proposals which seek to feature overlooked and/or underrepresented artists and works
  • Sample materials (2) that help convey your experience with and interests in contemporary art making (this can include PDF, or links to content posted/streamed online). 
    • It is helpful to include materials that were produced in the format that you are proposing for your residency, such as past interviews or articles, audio/video production samples, or graphic design/illustration, and so on.

If you are interested in the program, but are unsure about the application process or expectations, we invite you to reach out with questions.

Contact: Matthew Fava,

Past Participants:

  • Juro Kim Feliz
  • Lisa Conway
  • Allison Cameron
  • Frank Horvat
  • Debashis Sinha
  • Gloria Lipski
  • Nick Storring
  • Chris Mayo