Presented by Contact Contemporary Music and sponsored by the Canadian Music Centre, Music from Scratch is a free, week-long workshop for young adults between 18 and 25 years of age.


Guided by the Contact ensemble, participants engage in creative listening, writing, vocal performance, movement, graphic and improvisation exercises leading to the performance of a series of collaborative sound works. MFS helps participants develop new skills and the confidence to take risks both as listeners and creators.

Musical training is not a prerequisite!

MFS provides a means for participants to explore alternative ways to be creative with music such that community members with and without musical training are engaged in the process.

Participants are invited to meet daily in a rehearsal setting with the Contact ensemble where music is created and developed throughout the week-long workshop, culminating in a final concert presentation. Although there is a concert scheduled to present the resulting works, the focus of this project is the richness of the experience. Each participant is given a recording of the final concert. Participants are encouraged to “join” t