This instalment in the Earmark series features Luis Ramirez! Devoted followers of the CMC Ontario blog might recall a recent appearance from Luis and as you might expect, he gushes about Jacob Collier (a bit!), but we also hear about Stravisnky and disbelief, tango, and Youtube accompaniment.

CMC: What got you excited about music at a young age?

Luis Ramirez: Disney’s Fantasia probably was an unconscious but extremely influential film when I was six or seven, since all of that film’s music is deeply engraved in my brain.

I think the biggest factor that got me was the “magic” in music, its mystery… not fully believing that what I was hearing was possible. I can be more specific—I remember that the beginning of “The Glorification of the Chosen One” from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring drove me wild. I was so confused—how is it even remotely possible that a combination of instruments is producing this? I was just a child, but I was convinced that this sound was magical and originates beyond this world. It